Why “Style Sundae”?

Hello and welcome reader! I’m incredibly excited to start this journey of fashion blogging with you, but allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mallory, I’m a 3rd year Advertising student at SJSU; and I have a love for all-things fashion. After years of running a personal Tumblr blog, to being introduced to the ins and outs of WordPress (thank you MCOM70), I feel ready to dive into the world of fashion blogging. I want to address the most frequently asked question, which is: why did I choose to call it “Style Sundae”?

As a fashion enthusiast and a foodie, I felt compelled to combine my two favorite things under one name. By creating this alliteration, I felt like it accurately captured “me” in a blog name. Fashion by its dictionary definition has the connotation of being “trendy” or “fleeting”; it embodies the rapid change and ability for trends to die. I on the other hand, resonated with the word “style” as it encompasses a way of life in supplement to having a “distinctive appearance”. Part of what inspired the addition of sundae was my distinct love for ice cream as a kid. Ice cream is that universally recognized sweet treat, that most (if not, all) enjoy consuming. With sundaes, you have the option of mixing flavors, and adding all sorts of toppings. This holds similar to fashion, as there’s so many variations that go into fashion; your “toppings” are like your accessories, and the real cherry on top is your personality to make everything come together. I firmly believe style comes from within, and it’s the clothes that help capture a physical representation of your personality.

On a different note, I really hope to utilize this blog as my creative outlet, especially during these unprecedented times! When creating a fashion blog on WordPress for my MCOM class, I remember receiving unexpected, positive feedback from the WordPress fashion community. Although I wrote posts for a “class project”, I gained a small following; and something was telling me to make myself official once the class ended. Hence, why I bought this domain and chose to run with this as my first post on stylesundae! In terms of desired outcomes, I’m not doing this for “clout” nor do I consider myself an “aspiring influencer”. Whether my viewership consists of my closest friends, or a global audience–I will be happy sharing my weekly thoughts and journey with you all. I appreciate everyone to stops by to view my content.

Allow me to close it here, and say: thank you for your time, reader. I hope you stay tuned for my future posts, as I hope to keep my tone casual and brutally honest. Fashion cannot thrive without pushing boundaries, so I apologize in advance if I scare my older viewers. Some of these topics will include (and are certainly not limited to): “Lingerie: For Going Out”, “A Closer look at Rave Outfits”, and “Can Fashion Accommodate ‘Free the Nipple?'”

Published by Mallory

Hi reader! My name is Mallory and I'm currently a third-year Advertising student at San Jose State University. I created this blog as a creative outlet, and a way to express my love for all-things fashion and journalism.

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